The Boezemvriend is a breastfeeding shop and lactation consultant practice, where you can ask all your questions about breastfeeding. You can also consult a lactation consultant (if needed, we can visit you at home), you can follow courses and buy or rent breast pumps.


Come along when you are looking for a good breastfeeding bra, breastfeeding clothes, nursing pillows, slings and for instance maternity presents.
We have all kinds of nice and practical goodies for baby’s and small children.


A great start begins with good preparation. Sign in for our English breastfeeding course:
You can visit us weekly for the “breast pump” morning (Wednesday and Saturday from 11.00 – 12.00 hrs). Accompanied by the lactation consultant you can try out several breast pumps.
You’re also welcome to visit our ‘Birth Café’ every first Monday of the month at Studio K in Amsterdam East and every first Tuesday at Boezemvriend Café from 11:00 – 12:00 hrs. together with a lactation consultant and other (almost) parents to ask questions and meet others.


Do you need help with breastfeeding?


It is our pleasure to give you advice. We provide personal consults at our practice or at your home by one of our lactation consultants.


Breastfeeding does not always go smoothly. You can ask us any question and we will provide a good solution for you. Some of the reasons to have a consult are:
Pain during feeding
Uncertainty about your feedings or putting your baby at your breast
Need help by putting your baby at your breast
Long feedings and little sleep
Doubts about the growth of your baby
Mastitis or clogged milk ducts
Our lactation consultants are IBCLC certified and member of the Dutch Union of Lactation Consultants (NVL).
Many insurance companies reimburse help from lactation consultants in whole or in part from the additional insurance.

Pump rent and sale

It is possible to rent or buy a breast pump at the Boezemvriend. You can reach us 7 days a week and we have a free delivery service.
Call us during opening times on 020 471 27 29.
Did you know that many insurance companies reimburse the rent or sales price of a breast pump? Check with your insurance company or ask further information in our shop.



€ 3,50 per day

Excluding a double pumping set of € 35,00


€ 3,50 per day

Excluding a double pumping set of € 35,00

The right things at home in time

The Boezemvriend has a wide variety of care products which are needed for the birth and maternity time, for both mother and child. We are happy to be at your service!
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