Tuning into your Birth

Tuning into your Birth

Turn your birthing experience into one of joy, elation and ecstasy!
All through the powerful tools of movement, dance and voice!


– Birth Preparation Course –

  • Discover a powerful method and tools that will help you align with the energy of your body, baby and birth.
  • Gain trust into your body and learn how to use your mind to support the natural process of birth to happen without resistance.
  • Learn how to work together with your body, finding your own movement, in order to have an easier, more comfortable birth.
  • Learn natural powerful breath work that will feed you with the oxygen you need during labor and put you in rhythm during the birthing process.
  • Learn how to relax your body and mind so as to enjoy your pregnancy, dilate quicker during birth and bond with your baby.

Turn your birthing experience into one of joy, elation and ecstasy!

All through the powerful tools of movement, dance and voice!

In the workshop we will work with breath to balance and calm our body and mind. We use simple yoga exercises to tone and revitalize ourselves. We will use dance to enjoy, feel our bodies ability to birth, learn about how to best support the babies optimal positioning for an easier more comfortable birth. And we will learn the benefits of vocalizing as a tool for bonding with the baby from womb to the world and as a tool for an easier, quicker birth.

When we dance and sing we create oxytocin and endorphins feeling joy, relaxation and pleasure. Did you know these are also the exact hormones involved in a smooth birth?

To be followed as a single workshop, or as a series of two workshops for a complete birth preparation!


Siri Amrit Khalsa

Empowering Birth - Doula, pregnancy yoga & dance specialist

I grew up between Amsterdam, the Alps in the South of France and India. Amsterdam has been a constant in my life and I currently reside here. My studies in Cultural Anthropology and my love of travel brought me to Mexico where I met the love of my life in 2001. As I come from a multicultural background, I grew up speaking English (my father is Canadian), Dutch, French and understanding a little Hebrew. As a young adult I also learnt how to speak Spanish (fluently) and German (quite well). I have three children – the lights of my life and my greatest teachers! Two boys (2006 and 2011) and a girl (2015). They are also trilingual – English, Spanish and Dutch. In 2008 I embarked on my journey to become a doula with the Opleiding tot Doula in Utrecht. I have had the pleasure of deepening my doula skills inspiring women such as: Midwife, JJ Doula Training, TCM practitioner Jacky Bloemraad- de Boer, Ina-May Gaskin (Pioneer midwife and author), Debra Pascali-Bonaro (Doula trainer, Film-maker Orgasmic Birth) and Barbara Harper (Water Birth International). In 2011 I had the honour of following the Yoga-Doula training with my wise mother Gurujagat Kaur Ronen and certified as a Kundalini Yoga Pregnancy and Post-Partum teacher. In 2012 I found my joy with Dancing for Birth from founder Stephanie Larson and became a Certified Instructor. In 2013 I became a trainer able to teach the benefits and joy of dance to others wishing to integrate these beautiful tools into their work. In 2016, I am crystalizing all this wisdom and passion for movement, dance, voice and song into a new inspiring training. I hope to inspire others to bring these elements into their work with pregnancy and birth and to spread the joy! more...
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