Preparing for Parenthood

Preparing for Parenthood

Looking for a childbirth class in English in The Netherlands?
Join this monthly 'one-off'!

A two-hour informative one-off session in English in your pregnancy to gain practical tips and tricks about how to cope with first day baby issues, bonding and sometimes a guest lecturer with specific newborn knowledge.

  • How does the Dutch health system work?
  • What to do if your baby has colic, flat spot, tongue tie?
  • 10 tips to soothe your baby
  • When do you need to call a doctor
  • Vaccinations
  • How to put your baby to bed or in a car in a safe way?
  • DVD for partners about bonding with your baby
  • Your questions answered

After the class you will receive digital handouts and clickable referral to useful websites to further prepare for parenthood.


Truus Gale

Midwife and prenatal coach

Experienced English-speaking midwife and prenatal coach. Specialised in prenatal individual or group information sessions and coaching for international couples expecting a baby in the Netherlands. more...
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